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Off for the Holidays

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while – been hard at work on Boxes and Arrows and some other stuff. There’s not likely to be much action around here until after the new year. Have happy holidays and we’ll meet up next year, ok?

Where The Action Is

“Where the Action Is” draws on recent research trends in interactive systems to explore the foundations of a new model of using and experiencing computer systems — what I call “embodied interaction.” Another one to add to the booklist – the promo website has mentions from Don Norman, Phil Agre, and Terry Winograd…From Usability News

Best of CHI-Web

Nice compilation by Scott Berkun of useful threads from the CHI-Web list. From Serious Instructional Technology

Designing for the Bottom Line

Subtitled “The Selling Points of Hard and Soft ROI (Return on Investment)”. Solid overview article by Alex Wright on justifying design proposals in terms that make sense to your client: revenue and savings. Like others, I’m guilty of not justifying my team’s results in terms ROI often enough, but this will be one of the [...]

Boxes and Arrows

As Christina posted at info-arch.org, there’s a group of us at work on something, hopefully something grand and fine (and usable and practical too). If you’re interested in getting involved, there’s an email link on the home page; drop us a note, we’d love to hear from you.

The Speed of Information Architecture

From Peter Morville, based on a speech he gave at ASIS Summit 2000. His points about layers of Information Architecture are little golden nuggets, and he references the oft-cited wine.com for pointing out how faceted classification can and will be used to navigate through taxonomies. I especially like the analogy of layers of information architecture [...]

Opera Web Browser – Version 6.0 Released

Opera is a web browser for those who want more control when web browsing, or who don’t want to rely on Microsoft or AOL for their software. I’ve only toyed with the new beta a bit so far, but I’ve really enjoyed the overall experience: easy and clear installation, really nice use of contextual help, [...]

DeveloperWorks: Paper Prototyping

From LucDesk Wouldn’t it be great to find out what users (and marketing) want before you start coding? Paper prototyping lets you do just that. While it may seem counterintuitive to test an interface without using a computer, paper prototyping lets you get maximum feedback for minimum effort. After a few usability tests with a [...]

What’s happening? A New Look at Web Pages

From LucDesk Web designers have been involved with the Internet for a long time, at least in Internet years. We begin to take the users for granted and expect them to know all the tricks of surfing Web pages. Terrible name for the article, but a good reminder to see the web through the eyes [...]

MoreSmarter Weblog

I once hung out with a man whose hair defied gravity. That man was Todd Wilkens (aka tpodd). He moved from SF to UNC last year for grad school, but his weblog is still chugging along and better than ever. It’s a good look at someone doing academic research who’s also done his fair share [...]