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Webapps and Films

I’m doing a bit of research on best practices, lessons learned, design patterns, good examples, etc. relating to the design of web-based applications (webapps, weblications, call them what you will). If you have anything to add, – freeware var linktext = “send them my way”; var email1 = “chad”; var email2 = “brightlycoloredfood.com”; document.write(“” + [...]

User Interface Guidelines

I ran across a couple of sets of UI guidelines today, then a ton at EPSS InfoSite, so I took it as a sign.Microsoft Inductive User Interface GuidelinesKDE User Interface GuidelinesIBM: User Interface Architecture Guidelines

Input Devices for Musical Expression

Academic paper [.pdf] looking at how new musical inputs (they used to call them instruments) can be improved by looking at HCI research. It’s a nice overview of things like Fitts’ Law, a bit more approachable because it’s in a musical context. If you geek out on this stuff, there’s more at this archive for [...]

Nomadic Furniture: How to Build and Where to Buy Lightweight Furniture That Folds, Collapses, Stacks, Knocks Down, Inflates or Can Be Thrown Away [Amazon]

I’m on a Victor Papanek kick these days, and I found this book that he co-authored at 9th Avenue Books yesterday (across the street from Arizmendi Bakery, only the best bakery in the whole freakin’ city). Take a look at the cover. Oh yes, it’s that kind of book, but he’s an inspiring communicator/designer and [...]

Digital Web: Community Issue

From Design for Community via elearningpostGood stuff from Derek Powazek (whose new book just came out), Matt Haughey, and the crew at Evolt.

Color, Contrast & Dimension in News Design

From TremendoFlash presentation on color theory with good examples and exercises.

Registration Revamp

Janice Crotty Fraser from Adaptive Path on improving the user experience of registration systems. Contains practical advice about redesigning and also stresses the importance of understanding how business and engineering needs affect registration systems.

Knowledge Mapping for Complex Social Messes

Knowledge Mapping for Complex Social MessesWeb Design and Information ArchitectureAdvance for Design Summit #4 SummaryAll from the world of Infodesign

Paranoia for fun and profit

Interview at Salon with Neil Young (not the musician), creator of Majestic, which is described as “an interactive, immersive and invasive online mystery that combines fiction with (debatable) reality in a very Webby way”. What’s interesting is how the game creates an environment that transcends the computer screen. It relies on multiple modes of communication [...]

Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience

Stolen from Amazon.com: In the twenty years since its original publication, Space and Place has not only established the discipline of human geography, but it has proven influential in such diverse fields as theatre, literature, anthropology, psychology, and theology. Eminent geographer Yi-Fu Tuan considers the ways in which people feel and think about space, how [...]