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Stanford: Industrial Design Lectures

Fabulous — another monthly lecture series I’m gonna feel bad about missing: Bill Moggridge, Henry Petroski….

Strategies of Influence for Interaction Designers

From ChristinaWhile there’s nothing groundbreaking here, Scott Berkun nicely summarizes some of the critical inflection points within the typical groups that interaction designers work in and some strategies for making your points. Especially relevant for me because some engineer just ignored my excellent search results page design…

Users Decide First; Move Second

Article from Jared Spool and the UIE team. Basically says that you should seriously question using drop-downs, flyout-menus, and any other menuing/navigation system that obscures navigation choices from the user. There are obviously exceptions, but they make a good point – no great information architecture is worthwhile if you can’t see it.

Certified Usability Analyst ™

Hmm, still trying to decide what I think about this. I’m all for training, but the whole idea of certification seems a little silly. And yes, they’ve trademarked the term “Usability Analyst”. Don’t get me wrong – I like HFI’s courses, or at least the idea of them. I’ve tried to sign up for two [...]

Measuring Information Architecture Panel at CHI 2001

I’ve been hanging out with more than my share of Information Architects these days and doing IA-type activities myself. Then I run I across this must be fate. Collection of position papers/powerpoints collected by Keith Instone from Louis Rosenfeld, Jesse James Garrett, Marti Hearst, Nick Ragouzis, and others. I’ve just skimmed it, but looks [...]

Questionnaires in Usability Engineering FAQ

From XBlog In-depth but not overly academic. Covers types of questionnaires, advantages of each, appropriate usage, and so on. Comes in handy next time someone from marketing wants to “just throw up a quick little web survey” and pass it off as reliable data.

Movable Testing

I’m going to be doing some usability testing of Movable Type, the latest and greatest weblogging tool, starting late next week. If you live in San Francisco and would like to be involved, please – freeware var linktext = “contact me”; var email1 = “chad”; var email2 = “brightlycoloredfood.com”; document.write(“” + linktext + “”) //–> [...]

Interview with Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir

From LucDeskInterview about their upcoming book.

Notes and Recommendations (from Phil Agre)

Set of unrelated mini-essays/opinions on cell phone use and innovative service models, rumormongering and amplification on the web, musicians and profit in the age of p2p, and three ways to look at institutions. They’re all worth reading, but skip to the last if you’re going to read just one. Here’s a summary: Institutional discourses are [...]

WebWord Interview with Christina Wodtke

Great article with Christina’s responses to some tough questions from John.