Elasticspace Reading List

Here’s another reading list to check out. It’s from Timo Arnall, a user experience designer “currently living somewhere between London, Helsinki and Oslo”. Of the list, he says, “The following books cover many disciplines, from Interaction and Visual Design to Filmmaking to Architecture, but all relate loosely to the various processes, ideologies, visions and practicalities of Experience Design.” Well put. It’s one of the better reading lists I’ve come across or been pointed to, and definitely worth checking out.

If I had to give a shout out to anyone on Timo’s list, it would be John Dewey. Through his writing, John and I have been spending a lot of quality time together. I’m working through sections of Art as Experience, Democracy and Education, and Logic: The Theory of Inquiry. As experience designers, Dewey is important because he lays out the foundation of what makes an experience and what makes an experience meaningful. It’s difficult to get through at times, but rewarding one you piece it all together.

Are there any other reading lists worth mentioning?