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Went to a lecture by John Tang on awareness and interactions. There’s a short overview of his recent work here. Quite nice, really. Very much in line with the stuff I’ve been researching for my thesis. Other thesis news: next Friday (12/12) from 2-5 I’ll be presenting a poster, along with the other 2nd year [...]

Sociable Media Group Weblog

Sociable Thinking is the new weblog from the crew in the Sociable Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. My friend Scott pointed me to it. I worked with Scott as well as Fernanda this summer, and they were gracious enough to let me attend their summer reading group – quite stimulating, so I look [...]

Spring Schedule

Some bright CMU student whipped together a webapp for visualizing class schedules, so here’s what I’m signed up for in the spring. Scroll down and click on the links to read the course descriptions. Because I’ll also be taking Thesis Project and Thesis Paper as courses, I’ll probably only be taking two of those listed, [...]


Good design means not leaving traces of the designer and not overworking the design. If you overdo the design it will touch the beholder’s consciousness. I think that when people and things are within the boundaries of consciousness they are at their farthest from heaven. – Naoto Fukasawa

The Hub

Congrats to Molly on her launch of The Hub, which looks to be an excellent weblog and design resource guide! The weblog has some nice coverage of the conference right now, and it looks like Anne, Fabio, and Molly have all been posting to the weblog. There’s also several others who haven’t yet posted, including [...]

Live Video from Ivrea Conference

If you like your interaction design theory pronounced with a healthy Italian accent, you might want to check out the video stream [windows media format] from the Symposium on Foundations of Interaction Design, being held at Ivrea today and tomorrow. I already missed Don Norman, Tom Moran, and Gillian Crampton Smith (Ivrea is 6 hours [...]

Kids Today

I just read a funny email off a distribution list for the school of Design. It’s from an undergrad, and he’s proposing a no-holds-barred Pictionary match between the Industrial Design and Communication Design majors. Ah, those crazy kids. As you’d expect from a Design program, most of these kids have excellent drawing skills, so it [...]

In the Outback, Tracking the Elusive Concept

Concepts whose meaning, importance to my thesis, and previous usage and development across an array of disparate academic communities has vexed and perplexed over the last few weeks: Presence Social Presence Awareness Connection Intimacy Expression Self-Presentation Relationship Dealing with them is like grabbing eels, herding kittens, or maybe hunting snipes — I’m not sure which [...]

Other CMU bloggers

Dan Saffer is doing a nice job writing about our program. Wish I’d done the same. His posts on what is an art and what is a product are key to understanding the way we think about Design (yes, big D) in our program. So, lots of good stuff, though Rob, who’s a masters student [...]


To Design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit; it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse. – Paul Rand