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This Many Readers

I loved seeing this in the sidebar of someone’s weblog. Sure, it definitely has elements of a popularity contest, but it also contributes to that sense of mutual awareness that’s so lacking in weblogs. I have a vague sense of readership by going to the trouble of looking at site logs, but the audience can’t [...]

Design at Microsoft

Microsoft just launched a new recruiting site focused on hiring designers of all stripes. It’s well done: informative, looks good, and plays up Microsoft as a company where designers are well-regarded and design is a core part of the product development process. Case studies, interviews, community news – it’s more substative and engaging than any [...]

43 Things

43 Things keeps information design at a basic, yet charming level to show what things are most popular on others’ lists – the typeface just gets bigger. The social dynamics are simple and effective: personal wishes are shared with a specific number of people, but no one’s identity is revealed until a person decides to [...]

Google Scholar

This morning I tried out the Google offering-du-jour: Google Scholar. For the past couple years I’ve used CiteSeer when doing research. It goes one crucial step further than Google Scholar in that it offers a page that lists the abstract, who the article cites, and who the article is cited by. Citations are the primary [...]


Return. Wow. It sucks to visit your own site and see that all the posts had rolled off the home page. I enjoyed writing a thesis on self-presentation, but it also exacerbated my self-consciousness. I haven’t wanted to post online for well over a year. I’m either going to have to shelve this blog or [...]

Headed to DIS

I’m off to Boston tomorrow for the Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) conference. The attendees list is online. It’s a smaller conference, but many friends from CMU, IBM Research, and the blogging world will be there. There’s a news section on the DIS website with an RSS feed, for everyone who can’t make it. Laptoppers at [...]

Character Design


Ethnographic Perspectives on Design

Continuing my penchant for sharing reading lists (see my mislabeled “Books” category for more), here’s one sent out to an anthropology listserv I’m on for Ethnographic Perspectives on Design. I’m guessing Carl or Anne would have some others to add…

This will be brief

I’m in San Francisco, after visiting New Zealand, Boston/Cape Cod, Des Moines, and Kansas City since graduating a month ago. I should have announced it sooner, but I’m now midway into my first week as a User Interface Designer at Google, working alongside Kevin Fox and the rest of the UI Design team. I’m honored [...]

Now More Than Ever

As this is not my blog, I’m going to shy away from directly dealing with politics. But this event is too important not to pay attention too. ARTISTS SUBPOENAED IN USA PATRIOT ACT CASE Feds STILL unable to distinguish art from bioterrorism Grand jury to convene June 15 Three artists have been served subpoenas to [...]