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Information Visualization as Artistic Practice

I wasn’t able to take any of Golan Levin’s classes this semester, as I’d originally hoped, but Jesse is. He points out the website for the class, which has a nice listing of information visualization projects. Jesse’s project sounds illuminating in a They Rule sort of way.

Wiki Advice Wanted

I’m looking to install a wiki platform for use in classes. Can anyone make some recommendations? Ease of use, ease of installation, and visual presentation are probably the most important factors, though there are others I’m probably missing. Suggestions would be most welcome. Here’s a list of wiki platforms, and a most excellent visualization of [...]

NYT Magazine Article on Teen Blogging

After interviewing a number of first year undergrads about their use of IM and blogs last semester, this article definitely echoed some of the things I heard…

Happy New Year

Hey all, hope everyone has a happy new year. I’m in NYC right now through the 6th, then in Boston through the 10th – drop me an email if you’re around and want to get together. I’ve got some stuff I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks – mockups of a group microblog I’ve [...]