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Vienna becomes Nerdistan for a Week

Vienna becomes Nerdistan for a Week

I’m going to Vienna this Thursday for CHI 2004. I’ll be presenting a poster for Apeer, a social visualization for brief, topical discussions. It was inspired by instant messaging, group blogs, FilePile, and much time spent talking with teens.

If you’re going and want to meet up, drop me an email and we’ll make plans. I’ll be staying at Wombat’s with the other poor grad students.

If you’re hiring, I’ll be interviewing for jobs while I’m there. Be in touch if you want to see my design-fu in 3D.

Regardless of whether you’re going, if you’ve been to Vienna, give me some recommendations. This will be my first time there.

Only slightly related: if you’re interested in trying out Apeer, email me. Unfortunately it only runs on PCs right now (sucks, I know – I’m a Mac user too). I’m not sure if it’s worth trying to locate and sweet-talk some coder types to make it more robust and cross-platform, or leave as a prototype. Your feedback as a user would be helpful.

4 responses to “Vienna becomes Nerdistan for a Week”

  1. victor

    Vienna may well be the most beautiful city in the world. Try to devote at least two or three days to walking around.

    The coffee shops are rightly famous, wonderful, gorgeous places. Take a minute to learn the lingo, a latte is called a melange, etc. The cakes make me wilt like a little girl.

    The museums are as good as anywhere else, and you can get a good taste of the Austrian empire, but the architecture — both old and new — is what I loved. The art deco post office is a must see.

    Wish I could be there.

  2. Joshua Kaufman

    Hi Chad. I’m also going to CHI and still looking for a place to stay. That’s on the list for today…

    I’ll be quite busy, but I’d love to meet up if possible. Will you be at the networking reception? See you then!

  3. olivia

    yea, sorry i cant meet you in Vienna. ill be um…working….um…at my slave desk. have fun! do something Freudian while you are there.

  4. suzie

    I wish I was going :( How did I end up so far down the list of student volunteers?

    * Take a picture over the Blue Danube
    * There are small theaters all over Vienna that often have short operetta performances
    * The Prater is an amusement park. I did not go, but if you have time to spare, the ferris wheel may be a good way to see the city!
    * Travel to Salzburg for a day and see MozartHouse, Mozart’s birthplace-gone-museum and the Sound of Music filming locations