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Where is Chad? Who is Carl?

Where is Chad? Who is Carl?

Chad is gone. I get to use the blog until then. It’s my first such experience. Iím trying to decide if I really want to commit to one, so Chad suggested I try his out. (Öreminds me of an episode from The Love Boat. Or maybe one of those scary episodes of Fantasy Island.)

Anyway, Iím not Chad. I did not just graduate, nor am I looking for employment. In fact, I have a while before I complete my time at Carnegie Mellon University and am generally adverse to the idea of employment. I am in the PhD program in The School of Design. That bio that Chad linked to below is old. Disregard it.

So what does this mean Ė Chad gone and Carl here? Iím not sure. I think Iíll talk about design, probably a lot. I may also talk about food, drink, music, TV, movies, books, bars, robots, and Pittsburgh. And design.

Just know that nothing from here on out is from Chad. Weíll let you know when Chad returns.

- Carl

8 responses to “Where is Chad? Who is Carl?”

  1. Haven

    If there is a god, may he help us all…

  2. Kevin Fox

    There is no god, only Carl.

  3. Dan

    “generally adverse to the idea of employment. I am in the PhD program”=redundancy :)


  4. udanium235

    hey carl, good to hear from ya…have fun “guestblogging” while chad’s away down under in hobbitland :-)

    i too started my new blog just recently, venturing into the voyeuristic and addictive foray to chronicle my first 100 days at my new job: udanium.typepad.com…hope that gives one sense of a new blog nut’s start.

    congrats on the new baby too!! hope you get some sleep…

  5. Maggie

    Okay. I think it is time to get the party started on this blogging adventure. Chad’s going to be back soon and there is serious work to be done here. Kate is back in town from NYC so we should get her involved as soon as possible. I know there isn’t a lack of topics. My god, we could spend 3 days on the robotic finger alone!

  6. chad

    Hey, leave that finger alone…

    (Posting from Lake Tekapo, near Mt. Cook)

  7. Andy Lace


  8. Steph J

    First time reading this blog, just wanted to say hi.