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I could’ve demoed for him

I could’ve demoed for him

Going through old unpublished blog posts and found this story from a year and a half ago:

Just before I left Pittsburgh for the summer, a co-worker friend came over to my house to record some voice-overs (my place was the unofficial recording studio for the Design department).

While I was getting set up, she checked out the books on my bookshelf. She pointed to one and said, “Oh, I know this guy. We talked about wearable computers when he visited campus a few weeks ago. He was really interested in the work we did together on audio and tactile interfaces last semester”.

The book was Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash.

2 responses to “I could’ve demoed for him”

  1. Carl

    Ha! Ha!
    And if that person was who I think it was she didn’t even know who Neal Stephenson was. Which is almost as good as when William Shatner visited her lab and she had no idea who he (or Captain Kirk) were.

    (What horrible grammar !)

  2. Chad

    It was indeed the person you’re thinking. I wish I could say I was surprised about her not knowing William Shatner, though not as much as I wish I’d been in the room at the time…