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Eater of Burritos

Eater of Burritos

Oh how this city makes me proud.

Burritoeater.com aims to be the Web’s most complete source of information on San Francisco taquerias – where they’re located, what they look like, if they’re open late, whether they serve breakfast, what the SF Department of Public Health says about them, which ones double as cell phone retailers, etc. etc. And while we realize that food may be one of the most objectively regarded things in life, we’re not shy about offering our opinion on any given burrito shop in town.

I tend toward El Farolito for burritos (mostly because it’s nearby), Can Cun for quesadillas, and Toyanense for tacos.

3 responses to “Eater of Burritos”

  1. MRP

    soon you will live 1 block from taqueria cancun though.

  2. Sarah

    I love breakfast burritos. Every time I see one on a menu I try it. If you come to Chicago I’ll take you out for one.


  3. Chad

    Hmmmm, I’m skeptical about this pairing of ‘breakfast’ and ‘burrito’, unless it means reheating half of the unfinished one from the night before. Nevertheless, I’ll try (almost) anything once.

    The About, With & For conference is in Chicago in late October – might be a decent time to visit.