Chat + Email = Crazy Delicious

Finally another one of my projects goes public: instant messaging in Gmail. Here’s some official coverage from the Google Blog and the Talk Blog. And here are a few blog posts that review the new feature in-depth — most of the press articles were cursory.

As always, credit where it’s due. Adam came in halfway through this project to help with the design and brought all kinds of new life to it. Some designers like to do the solo deal, but I love collaborating, and Adam’s great. Darren is my cubemate and gave tons of feedback. The chat interface we eventually settled on is the result of a brainstorm we had on the shuttle home one evening. And the engineers all did amazing work to make this work as well as it does, and with good humor throughout.

There are plenty of fixes and additions we’ll be making, but I’m pleased with what we launched. Hope you are too.