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CMU Design Listmania

Jeff Howard, a recent CMU Interaction Design alumna and friend, just put together a set of Amazon Listmania booklists that cover the primary readings for the graduate program, along with a couple of selected courses. They’re all good, but I especially recommend the Graduate Design Seminar and Design Management lists. Both were taught by Richard [...]

Ethnographic Perspectives on Design

Continuing my penchant for sharing reading lists (see my mislabeled “Books” category for more), here’s one sent out to an anthropology listserv I’m on for Ethnographic Perspectives on Design. I’m guessing Carl or Anne would have some others to add…

Design Research

Brenda Laurel is editing a book called Design Research that’s coming out in December. Looks like an interesting mix of contributors – you don’t often see Darrel Rhea (weblog) and Eric Zimmerman both writing under the same cover.

Thinking Visually

Thinking Visually is an excellent book. That’s all.

Reading list for social networks

Keeping with my tendency to collect reading lists, here’s a list of readings on social networks. I’m doing research and early design work around some concepts involving social networks, so suggested resources are welcome. I was trying to phrase my discomfort about the current trend to apply network theory (especially power laws) willy-nilly to social [...]

Volume One

Looks like Volume One of Christopher Alexander’s four volume series The Nature of Order is now shipping. It’s called “The Phenomenon of Life”. The others will be shipping in the following months. From Z + Partners

Two Important Works, Summarized

For the science-minded out there… If you don’t have the time or patience for the almost 1500 pages of Stephen Jay Gould’s The Structure of Evolutionary Theory, you might want to check out the review from this week’s New Yorker. It’s a nice summary of his life’s work, most of which is reflected in the [...]

Elasticspace Reading List

Here’s another reading list to check out. It’s from Timo Arnall, a user experience designer “currently living somewhere between London, Helsinki and Oslo”. Of the list, he says, “The following books cover many disciplines, from Interaction and Visual Design to Filmmaking to Architecture, but all relate loosely to the various processes, ideologies, visions and practicalities [...]

Design Reading List

Note to self: add this reading list to my list of reading lists.

Interaction Design

Drafts of the first three chapters from Jenny Preece’s upcoming “Interaction Design” book. Chapter 1 – What is Interaction Design: Interview with Gitta SalmonChapter 2 – Understanding and Conceptualizing Interaction: Interview with Terry WinogradChapter 3 – Understanding Users Looking at the contents listing, it looks like about half of the book is interviews. Seems maybe [...]