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Online Communities

Online Communities


One of my longstanding wishes has been for a personal lending library system. Not sure how well it works, but Mediachest, mentioned on BoingBoing today, is one of the first online efforts I’ve heard of. I’m curious to see how its used. The visual design looks a bit Friendster-ish, which makes me both celebrate and [...]

Wiki Advice Wanted

I’m looking to install a wiki platform for use in classes. Can anyone make some recommendations? Ease of use, ease of installation, and visual presentation are probably the most important factors, though there are others I’m probably missing. Suggestions would be most welcome. Here’s a list of wiki platforms, and a most excellent visualization of [...]

Stephen Johnson on Blogging

You’ve got to love it when a Salon article turns into a software development jam session. Even if Stephen Johnson is just riffing by himself, he’s one hell of a soloist. This is easily the most interesting article I’ve read on blogging by the mainstream media. (does Salon count as mainstream?) Salon: Use the blog, [...]

Participatory Game Design

This seems timely, given that the next Star Wars movie is coming so soon (but hey, Spiderman already made up for the absence of great movies over the past several months). Star Wars Galaxies: A Case Study in Participatory Design It’s interesting to see how far community involvement went in the development of this massively-multi-player [...]

Digital Web: Community Issue

From Design for Community via elearningpostGood stuff from Derek Powazek (whose new book just came out), Matt Haughey, and the crew at Evolt.

Folk Computing: Revisiting Oral Traditions as a Scaffold for Co-Present Communities[.pdf]

From haddock.org via blackbeltjones

Faking It: The Internet Revolution Has Nothing to Do With the Nasdaq

From MetaFilterWell-written NYTimes article (registration required) about identity on the internet.

Group Communication Online

Two papers cited on the CHI-WEB list, and two others — a website and a paper — worth mentioning. Examining the Effectiveness of Electronic Group Communication Technologies: The Role of the Conversation Interface[.pdf]Argues that “different social and technical designs of electronic group communication technologies will influence various aspects of electronic group communication, such as level [...]

Online Communities: The Art of the Mix

How can I listen to these mixes? You can’t through Art of the Mix. Best bet is to contact the person and arrange a trade. Don’t be afraid! Most people are more than willing to engage in the thrill of long distance exchange. The entire concept of trust and interest comes into play and is [...]

Rambling: Provoking Contribution

I ran across the latest story at Fray, and to my suprise it was about Michael Hedges, the greatest guitarist ever (I’ll save that digression for another time). He’s one of those musicians I kept like a secret, like Cassandra Wilson or early Keb Mo or even MeShelle Ndgeocello before each got big or boring, [...]