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Chat + Email = Crazy Delicious

Finally another one of my projects goes public: instant messaging in Gmail. Here’s some official coverage from the Google Blog and the Talk Blog. And here are a few blog posts that review the new feature in-depth — most of the press articles were cursory. As always, credit where it’s due. Adam came in halfway [...]

Google Talk

Designers rarely get to work on their dream projects. When I was researching instant messaging in grad school, the prospect of designing a new instant messaging product was fanciful at best. When I came to Google, the odds improved a bit. When I became the designer on Google Talk, it still didn’t quite seem real [...]

I could’ve demoed for him

Going through old unpublished blog posts and found this story from a year and a half ago: Just before I left Pittsburgh for the summer, a co-worker friend came over to my house to record some voice-overs (my place was the unofficial recording studio for the Design department). While I was getting set up, she [...]


Return. Wow. It sucks to visit your own site and see that all the posts had rolled off the home page. I enjoyed writing a thesis on self-presentation, but it also exacerbated my self-consciousness. I haven’t wanted to post online for well over a year. I’m either going to have to shelve this blog or [...]

This will be brief

I’m in San Francisco, after visiting New Zealand, Boston/Cape Cod, Des Moines, and Kansas City since graduating a month ago. I should have announced it sooner, but I’m now midway into my first week as a User Interface Designer at Google, working alongside Kevin Fox and the rest of the UI Design team. I’m honored [...]

brightly colored carl

I’m racing off to the airport now for New Zealand. For the next two weeks, Carl DiSalvo will be guestblogging. He’s a PhD student in interaction design at CMU. Here’s his bio, but hopefully he’ll introduce himself as well. Carl is brilliant and will make me look like the slouch that I am. Treat him [...]

And now for my next trick…

Turned in the final thesis documentation on Friday, graduated yesterday, packed up today, leaving tomorrow, flying to New Zealand for two weeks on Wednesday, going to my girlfriend’s graduation in Boston after that, then headed west, hopefully to a job.

Vienna becomes Nerdistan for a Week

I’m going to Vienna this Thursday for CHI 2004. I’ll be presenting a poster for Apeer, a social visualization for brief, topical discussions. It was inspired by instant messaging, group blogs, FilePile, and much time spent talking with teens. If you’re going and want to meet up, drop me an email and we’ll make plans. [...]

Designer for Hire

My portfolio is now online. If you’re a design manager or know a design manager who’s looking to hire an interaction, UI, or product designer, please be in touch. I’m most interested in the SF Bay area, Seattle, and Europe, though considering all offers. I’ll be available to start working in early July.

Happy New Year

Hey all, hope everyone has a happy new year. I’m in NYC right now through the 6th, then in Boston through the 10th – drop me an email if you’re around and want to get together. I’ve got some stuff I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks – mockups of a group microblog I’ve [...]