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SF Bay Area

SF Bay Area

Eater of Burritos

Oh how this city makes me proud. Burritoeater.com aims to be the Web’s most complete source of information on San Francisco taquerias – where they’re located, what they look like, if they’re open late, whether they serve breakfast, what the SF Department of Public Health says about them, which ones double as cell phone retailers, [...]

If I had the time

If I had the time, money, and lived back west, I’d be attending the two week Physical Interaction Design for Music summer workshop at Stanford. Bill Verplank, Michael Gurevich, and Scott Wilson talked about the course at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference and it looks like a great experience. Maybe next summer after [...]

Stanford: Industrial Design Lectures

Fabulous — another monthly lecture series I’m gonna feel bad about missing: Bill Moggridge, Henry Petroski….

Movable Testing

I’m going to be doing some usability testing of Movable Type, the latest and greatest weblogging tool, starting late next week. If you live in San Francisco and would like to be involved, please – freeware var linktext = “contact me”; var email1 = “chad”; var email2 = “brightlycoloredfood.com”; document.write(“” + linktext + “”) //–> [...]

Decisions, Decisions

Well, the SF IA/UE Cocktail Hour always manages to be timed against my schedule, not with it (why don’t they consult me on such matters? I do not know). Tonight is no exception: Sherman Alexie, only one of my favorite authors, is reading at Modern Times tonight. And he just fought his way to a [...]

BayCHI tonight

A heads-up for anyone in the SF Bay Area: tonight’s BayCHI meeting is “Understanding User Experience: Using Ethnography, Contextual Inquiry and other Qualitative Methods”, and looks to be pretty good. Say hi if you’re there.