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More good books

An excellent list of book recommendations from Adam Richardson to add to my books category. It’s not on his list of recommendations, but his recent review of War Made New is also worth reading.

5 Things To Do Next Time You’re in Chicago

Order a Viva Le France (spiced hot chocolate) at Filter. Sit and compare the peculiarities of their hipster clientele to that of your own neighborhood coffeeshop. Visit U.S.#1. Admire the vintage western shirts and boots, but instead get the leather jacket — your wardrobe already has more snaps than buttons. Besides, it’s cold outside. Go [...]

Dialogue on Leadership

Set of interviews I’d come across a while back and filed away. Maybe a little heady and systems theory-esque, it still looks like a broad, interesting mix of people. I’m reading the Lucy Suchman interview right now.

Dutch Design

Going Dutch? Design pros and cons of the Netherlands By John Thackara of Doors of Perception on how the priorities of governments and a country’s existing design culture affects what’s designed (and how it’s designed). I’d love to work in another country for a few years after graduating, so the little bit of intercountry comparison [...]